How I Work

I regard myself as a hard worker and get on with it. You won’t see me stopping every 20 minutes for a cigarette (don’t smoke), tea break (can drink tea and work at same time). I ensure I turn up to work with everything I need, so it won’t be case of “I just need to pop out and get something” and I usually have no more than 45 minutes for lunch.

My customers always comment on how quickly I work, I would say experience and working highly efficiently enables this but without sacrificing quality.

I use quality products such as Dulux, Crown, Johnstons,  Farrow & Ball, Albany, Little Greene, Sadolin, Sikkens and can provide all the paints, or sometimes I suggest that I provide the paint for ceilings and woodwork and you could provide the paint for walls if you are undecided.

At Your Property

I ensure the utmost respect to you, the customer, and your property. When I start a job, hopefully you will have cleared the area to decorate as best as possible, but I don’t mind helping you move bits that are awkward for you.

I will cover all floors and furniture with dust sheets and put masking tape along the bottom of the skirting and door frames where it meets the floors. Also tape up sockets and switches etc.

Preparation is the key to a good finish so all of the walls, ceilings and woodwork will be sanded and smoothed down as required, and all cracks, gaps and holes will be filled. For large areas of sanding this can be done using Dustless sanding to minimise dust!

All woodwork/metalwork will be primed, undercoated, knots sealed as required. White ceilings will be given the necessary number of coats.

Walls will be given a minimum of two coats as required and rubbed down between coats. All woodwork and metalwork will be given top coats as required.

I clear up and leave the room as you would expect to find it.